Africa Moko is the new mobile app dedicated to afro music videos. It will bring together the best afro music videos to keep you updated.

As a fan , you will have the possibility to create your own playlist, see the week’s top video ranking, discover new talents and get closer to your favorite artists.

As an artist, you will have the possibility to promote your new videos. More details about this will be delivered in the next post.


“Moko” is a word originally from Congolese language which means “One”, so “Africa Moko” means “One Africa”. Our wish is to bring together all countries of Africa as one culture.


The idea came in summer 2014 from @AnthonyOmenya, serial entrepreneur in tech industry born in Paris, native from DR Congo, living in Montreal, and founder of powerful platforms like

The problem raised by this tech entrepreneur was the fact that every week an “Afrobeat” video was posted by very talented artists on the Youtube platform, but it was very difficult for them to promote their new achievements, because it were no platform for them to showcase their latest music video directly to the target audience.

YouTube is an excellent distribution tool, but offers no tools for promotion.

That’s why Anthony came up with the idea to create a mobile application that would keep fans updated with their favorite artists and at the same time allow new artists to be recognized, especially in our “News” category.


Africa and its artistic talents are not sufficiently highlighted worldwide and we believe in a different way to present the treasures of African art.

We believe this is the perfect time because, as you can see today, the craze for music and African culture around the world becomes increasingly important.

Our mission is to reach and entertain fans of African music, regardless of their origins. There is no color to enjoy music from us …

We believe is the perfect moment, as you can see today, people from different country in the world are intersted by the afro culture.

As an example of success we can mention, Koffi Olomide, who achieved a huge international buzz and reached 6 million views on YouTube with the video “selfie”. The song has inspired the French artist: Matt Pokora, dancing to celebrate an Award (video below), and many artists and athletes around the world (cc Didier Drogba with his new team Montreal impact)

Matt Pokora Instragram Video — Dancing “Selfie” from Koffi Olomide

Didier Drogba and his team dancing “Selfie”- Koffi Olomide

As another example , Maitre Gims who collected more than 120 million YouTube views with the video “Sapés comme jamais”.

By offering a direct link between African artists and their fans, Africa Moko app provides a new dynamic in the light of the 2.0 technology.

Built by an incredible team of creative and talented people aiming the same goal, Africa Moko will provide you the most powerful and user-friendly application on the market.


To start we ask you to sign up at, if you want to have a VIP access to the iOS app which will be available for public in summer 2016. For Android enthusiasts, you will have to be a little more patient …

Here is a quick video to show you how to sign up and share Africa Moko with friends:

Good experience to all of you and long live Afro Music!

Africa Moko Team


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